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Name:Terrence Allenby
Terrence AllenbyBio

So, hi. My name's Terrence Allenby. I was born in New York in 1964 but moved to the DC area when I was a kid. Lived a pretty normal life until 2007. Then I went from average mortal to an undead vampire thanks to one that felt she was 'saving me.' Life's been pretty much a pain since then...not many places wanna hire someone with fangs.

Oh and, don't let all those popular shows/books/movies and whatnot about vampires fool ya. I'm especially talking to you squeeing teenagers who are being deluded into thinking it's great to be one.

It's not, trust me.

But, don't worry about me. I'm not into the whole biting people thing. A mage tried to reverse my transformation. It didn't quite work, but I'm mostly the same guy I was before I transformed.

Personality wise, at least.

Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide

Character voicemail

How's My Driving Critique post.

Disclaimer: Original character for RP/fic writing purposes. Not Adam Ferrara, just borrowing his image for the character's icons. (The icons are the mun's creation, unless otherwise credited.)

And...Terrence is meant to be more of a comic relief character, just as a heads up.
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